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Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure (pc game)
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Let's go adventuring!

This quirky little game is a sort of throwback to the days of classic action RPGs like Zelda and Ys but with a bit of a modern twist and which makes for an entertaining romp. It's very Japanese in its storytelling and its visual style and while it might not be the most complex or deep RPG ever, it's fun enough to overlook any shortcomings in this respect. The game's heroine is Parin, a strong-willed girl who gets sent to a mining village to live with her grandfather. Once there, she discovers an invisible monster and then gets drawn into a conflict between the friendly monsters and the Phantoms who want to destroy them. Parin then learns of an ancient weapon to defeat the Phantoms and embarks on an epic quest to prevent evil from taking over the village. What follows is a 3D real-time action adventure, where you get to run around some lovely fantasy environments, whacking monsters, gathering items, going on quests and all the usual sorts of things one finds in these games. The quest is pretty decent in length, clocking in around 35 hours or more, while the whole thing is acted by some well known game actors, and also features multiple endings. Gurimin is definitely not a serious RPG, but its light tone and humorous nature make it accessible to genre newcomers and younger gamers. The visuals are lovely, with vibrant use of color and some great character and environmental design, while the music and sound are equally upbeat. There are minor issues with controls and the general lack of depth, but these are easily forgivable so if you're just looking for a fun romp, this is for you.