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Hacknet (pc game)
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Hack this!

Similar in theme to the classics Hacker and Hacker 2 and the slightly more modern Uplink, this is a game for those who like to think themselves masters of the computer but don't want to get in any real trouble by busting down the Pentagon's firewalls. As you might have guessed, it's a hacking sim where you play the role of a hacker who is following instructions received from a recently deceased acquaintance, whose death is probably part of a wider conspiracy. You'll have to master old-school programming commands as well as real life hacking processes to uncover the mystery of what happened to the hacker and prevent a powerful OS from falling into the wrong hands. What follows is a highly immersive and open ended experience which is highly realistic and refrains from hand holding to create a genuinely enthralling experience (for those with the right attitude). You'll follow clues from the dead hacker, chase down leads by breaking into various shady places and piece together the events surrounding his death, all in a fashion which proves highly entertaining. The game is actually fairly accessible even if you're not a hardcore hack fan, and there is a pretty decent tutorial that introduces you to many of the core elements. However, there's also a lot of freedom to experiment, which is where this really shines. Hacknet is obviously not a visually flashy game but it scores highly in its immersion and detail. However, it is let down by numerous bugs so be wary of this before trying it out.