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Hana-fuda (pc game)
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  • Courtesy of Home of the Underdogs revival.
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The Solitaire of the Japanese!

Hana-fuda is a card matching game which shares similar traits to Solitaire, yet it has enough originality to keep itself separate from the one man card game. The idea is that you have a set of cards that are special, with flowers on them; you have to gamble, as if it were a Poker game, however, it never gets as poised on taking the computer for a spin, it's not like Hold ‘em. Nope, what it plays like, is a version of Solitaire, with 48 cards, though, the construction is certainly of its own making. So, except the flower cards, there are animals and figures cards, each with its own type of imagery. So, with that in mind, you can certainly get a really satisfying card experience out of it all; in comparison, Solitaire, is never as complicated, but then again, many of the games' calculations are automatic, so you don't really have to toil over the math of it all, you can just sink into it and play. Which is why it's a really satisfying, and well done card game, with no issues, and no other things keeping it from being enjoyed if you're into card games.