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Hand of Fate (pc game)
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Draw your hand

Hand of Fate is a pretty decent little game which mixes action RPG elements into a card-based experience and which should provide plenty of entertainment for lovers of things like Magic: The Gathering. It also mixes in rogue-like aspects to add some extra depth and variety and is only really let down by some minor issues with controls. The game takes place in a fantasy-style universe, beyond the thirteen gates at the end of the world, and describes how the game of life and death is played. The game mixes action, cards and RPG in the way that you draw a hand of cards which are then used to build up the various levels of a dungeon to be explored. As you then roam the dungeon, you'll look for treasure, do battle with monsters and so on. Upon entering battle, the cards you have in your deck will be transformed into the characters to be used in combat, with the game then switching to 3D and playing out in turn-based fashion. For most of its running time, Hand of Fate is a very clever game which is likely to keep board-game fans completely hooked. The deck building and combat mechanics are very well done, with some genuinely innovative ideas on display and which are implemented extremely well. The game also features some impressive visuals, with the 3D character and environment work being particularly noteworthy, and which are backed up by some slick narration. The game is pretty tough, so don't go in expecting in an easy ride, while there's enough variety to keep you playing for some time. The only real issue is the slightly wonky controls, but apart from this, this is a top notch game.