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Hard West Collector's Edition (pc game)
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I'll make ya famous!

With its mix of classic turn-based strategy games like Laser Squad and X-Com and supernatural-spiced Wild West background, Hard West is a clever and enthralling entry into the genre. The game takes a wonderfully original narrative and combines it with tense and exciting gameplay to create a top notch little title which deserves to be played. You're thrust into a bizarre version of the Old West, and take the role of a wronged man who is out for justice but who finds himself caught up in supernatural chaos and carnage. What follows is a gripping tale of revenge that cleverly blends horror with classic turn-based strategy gameplay. There are eight unique story-based scenarios to play through, each with several missions which see you controlling up to four colourful characters in some serious tactical combat. Characters have a range of special abilities and weapons to call on, while their enemies range from the usual dodgy cowboys to some seriously spooky undead creations that are quite chilling. Decisions you make in combat have consequences later down the line and this is just one aspect of the game which is so appealing. Hard West really is a great game. The tactical combat is deep, challenging and fun, while the range of options gives plenty of replay value. The story is gripping, thanks to its mix of themes, while the whole thing is brought to life with style and verve. This Collector's Edition adds in a few things like a digital art book and soundtrack, but whichever version of the game you pick up, you're in for a good time.