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Hard West makes a decent entry into the turn-based strategy genre which makes for a good bet for fans of Laser Squad and Jagged Alliance. It's got a well realized world, plenty of options and some deep, challenging and strategic missions to play through, and is only really let down by its lack-luster story. The game is set in the Old West, but one which is populated by all manner of supernatural monsters. You're put in the well worn cowboy boots of a man on the path of vengeance and which will see him journey into the dark heart of this bizarre frontier land, facing numerous challenging decisions along the way. The game itself is an isometric turn-based strategy game, where you control up to four squad members through the story, while making use of a wide range of cowboy-style abilities, and facing off against the forces of darkness. There's a range of colorful characters to meet along the way, and some bizarre weapons to try out, while the decisions you make also have consequences further down the line. Hard West is quite a cracking bit of turn-based fun. The world on display here is original and imaginative, with some striking visuals and memorable characters bringing it all to life. The environments are well done, with a good level of detail, while there's an effective voiceover which pulls you through the story. The missions themselves are varied and challenging, offering plenty of opportunity for tactical thinking, and the only real issue with the game is its story, which isn't really fleshed out, leaving things feeling more like a framework than a finished narrative. Apart from this though, this is good stuff.