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Heart of China (pc game)
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A beautiful game set in the Far East

Set in the beautiful, adventurous and exotically dangerous Orient, this game revolves around a perfect hero character called Jake who is in charge of a mission to rescue a beautiful woman form the clutches of the evil and very powerful Chinese warlord Li Deng. To do so, you must hire the very mysterious ninja called Zhao Chi, and together you must break into Deng's fortress and take her away. What is a very nice feature of the game is that you have three different endings, depending on your actions during the game. The beautiful Asian art, the adventurous story and the fun gameplay make this game a truly wonderful experience. The game is point and clicks and mostly text based, and is not very hard to figure out. The graphics are truly wonderful, and as I said, the art is almost artistic, and also very beautiful, with equally appropriate Oriental music. When all this is combined, you have a very interesting and captivating adventure game you will definitely enjoy, especially if you like Oriental based games, like this one is. For a very unique and fun experience, I suggest you definitely get this game and try it out, and for similar games, try Road to India: Between Hell and Nirvana, also an Oriental based adventure game.