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War rolls around again

The Hearts of Iron series is a pretty decent set of historical strategy games that plays out in similar fashion to Europa Universalis. This third entry in the franchise is perhaps the weakest but it remains enjoyable stuff for genre fans. Unlike other military strategy games, this one focuses on the global aspect of conflict and places players in the midst of the chaos that surrounded World War II. You get to choose any nation on the planet and are charged with guiding them through whatever follows. You have to worry about pretty much every aspect of governing a nation, from resource management, to building up defenses, politics, scientific research and so on. There are several scenarios you can play through, or you can use the editor to create your own, or you can simply start in 1938 and see what happens. The basic gameplay has changed little from the earlier games, and this is one is perhaps more of a refinement, with a few new options that help streamline things for the player and make it easier, especially for newcomers. This lack of real development is perhaps a little disappointing if you are a fan of the series and you might find yourself wishing there were a few more changes here. However, what is on offer is well executed so if you are interested in trying out such a game, you could do worse than look here. The visuals are simple enough but effective and do their job, while the interface is mostly easy to use so overall this is a solid entry in the strategy genre which is worth looking into.