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Helherron (pc game)
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Party based Rogue like

ASCII graphics? Checked! Party based? Checked! Randomly generated world and encounters? Check! Out of context sexily under clad lady as marketing material?! Why of course, that checks too! So that's Helherron, an ASCII adventure of Rogue descent, where you will be keeping your eyes peeled for monsters that exceed your abilities, trying to make sense of the scattered colorful symbols and make the best out of each session with it! All in all, the game has a lot to offer if your idea of fun is met by party based action, all seen from above, scouring for resources while mostly going about underequipped and hoping, just hoping that the next random drop will contain something useful to you. Or, alternatively, you might just as well be overpowering, as the dice can predicate a world that meets all of your needs and then some, as the God of random generation offers you! At any rate, as long as you can stomach ASCII in the 21st century (and beyond; hello there future humans!) this game will not fail to deliver that kind of rush, so tick this one on your list of worthy Rogue like games. Alternatively see DOOM: The Roguelike, a really interesting interpretation on the Doom classic in Rogue speak!