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Her Story (pc game)
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Coming from the developer of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Her Story is a long way from survival horror and is in fact closer to those FMV games of the nineties, like L.A. Law but which is actually worth playing. It's not going to be for everyone but if you do like your games long on narrative and immersion and which actually try something new, this might just be for you. The game is essentially one long set of clips, which you have to watch as you try to unravel the mystery that is laid before you. The whole thing revolves around several police interviews with a woman whose husband disappeared and you're basically trying to get to the bottom of the mystery. You'll have to pay very close attention, as this is a non-linear experience which requires absolute concentration as you sift through the interview while searching for clues and keywords in the police database. There's little in the way of handholding here so you really do need to be focused in order to get the most out of it so if you are looking for something casual, then steer well clear of this. However, if you want something bold, original and experimental and don't mind putting in a lot of effort, then this will probably prove highly rewarding. It all looks and sound highly authentic and is held together by a fantastic central performance and some excellent writing, with the whole game just dripping in atmosphere. The story starts out simply but gradually becomes more unsettling as you progress and is guaranteed to keep you hooked to the end. All in all, an unusual experience but a very compelling one.