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Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok (pc game)
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A heroine will rise

If you've ever played the classic Quest for Glory series of point-and-click adventures and enjoyed them but thought they would benefit from a more feminine perspective, then this cracking offering is just what you need. It's a tribute to the original series but which switches the main character for a female hero and adds in a wonderful story and some great puzzles to create a highly enjoyable romp. You play an unfortunate adventurer who is ambushed by trolls and who then finds herself in the local hero's guild where you learn the local area is suffering from an unnaturally harsh winter. The native trolls are getting more aggressive, the people are getting hungry and the Frost Giants are about to march to free their legendary leader, a situation which demands a hero, or rather, heroine. You get to choose from one of three classes or can mix and match to create a truly unique character, and with each class having their own specific quests. The main gameplay is classic point-and-click stuff, so you'll explore numerous environments, picking up quests, solving puzzles and interacting with the locals using an intuitive and efficient interface. There are also survival elements as you'll need to collect resources to keep yourself alive. Heroine's Quest really is a must have for any adventure fan. Its mix of pointing-and-clicking and RPG elements works really well, while the open-ended structure also gives it a real sense of freedom. The story is compelling and full of humor, so if you love those old Sierra games, give this a whirl.