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Hero (pc game)
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  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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A card game and RPG combination, well executed

This relatively recent game is a cool, medieval fantasy themed RPG with gameplay based on card gaming. It has a certain flavor of Magic: The Gathering but in all respects it is its own beat. The game looks great, for all intents and purposes, even if it's made in the style fo the 16 bit era 2D, top down. At any rate, how you will look at the game and think about it is a question of knowing what particular ideas you find most interesting; I found myself shuffling through the cards and kind of comparing what I was doing to the classic RPG genre. Yes, the game kind of encapsulates the mindset of what a regular RPG does to you through cards, as some games of Bejeweled can put you in quite a different (Challenge of the Warlords, to give just an example) kind of mind set, make you challenge your preconceptions. So, yeah, play Hero, it's pretty well done, without question, and also quite a rare and enticing build. Plus, it had managed to create a very playable and yet mentally liberating piece of software. Definitely worth it.