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Might & Magic Heroes VI (pc game)
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  • In the land of the dead
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  • Battle of the unicorn
  • Some nice tree-buildings
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  • Image related to Might & Magic: Heroes VI game sale. Credit: Steam
  • Image related to Might & Magic: Heroes VI game sale. Credit: Steam
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For modern TBS fans and lovers of high quality fantasy works

Might & Magic Heroes VI is a game that has reached maturity, built so as to honor its legacy, but at the same time a pretty modern, easy to sink into experience, with all the necessities of modern gamers took into consideration. As such, you won't really have any huge issues actually sinking into this game, like, say, you would have had with the first or second title. That is so because Might & Magic Heroes VI is a culmination of playability as I said, arranging the game with lots of tooltips, with lots of tutorials, and with the kind of aid you'd want it to have, if you have no idea how to go about a game such as this one. The classic recipe is still represented. You are a hero on a map, going about minding a pretty diverse set of business. On one had you have your kingdom to build and rebuild, and this is done with the tools the game puts at your disposal. Yeah, MMH VI is just as much a game about resource gathering as it was back in the day, as it is about building an army to aid you in the turn based battles. And, for some, this is what the series has always been about: while you mind your own map level not turn based thing, you can get attacked, or get to attack enemies. Depending on the situation you can fight alone or aided by the posse you've amassed by that point. Well, then there's rinse and repeat. As great a Might & Magic game as you'd want, unquestionably.