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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Digital Special Edition (pc game)
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A sequel too far?

This is the followup to the classic and gloriously over-the-top shooter Hotline Miami but it unfortunately follows a bit too closely in its predecessor's footsteps to make it a must-play. It's still quite enjoyable but the appeal is going to wane pretty quickly so don't expect to be playing for months. The gameplay follows the formula from the previous game very closely and is basically a top down shooter where you take the role of a masked killer and go on a rampage through the city, while taking out the various criminal factions that rule there. The main focus here is on blistering combat, similar to the likes of shooters such as Alien Breed and Gauntlet, and this is one game where you really need your fastest trigger finger. There are new weapons introduced here, along with new executions and new variable which will keep you on your toes, but other than this, this is pretty much business as usual, while this Special Edition only adds in a bonus remix EP of the game's soundtrack. This is certainly a fun experience, if you're into hardcore, violent shooters like Doom and Postal, but even fans of the original are likely to be disappointed, as there simply isn't enough new content here. The visuals are as stylish and blood-soaked as before, with the familiar neon look that gives the game its distinctive feel. The game suffers from some questionable design choices, such as long corridors which make it easy for you to be shot but without being able to fire back with any precision, so when combined with the lack of changes, this is a tough one to recommend.