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Human Resource Machine (pc game)
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Just another brick in the wall

If you consider yourself something of a nerd who likes puzzles games which are a bit more complex than the likes of Tetris, then HRM could be just what you've been looking for. It's sort of based around programming but manages to integrate what could be quite a scary thing into a game which is both fun and challenging. The idea here is that you're given a task by your boss and you must automate it by programming your little office worker. Complete enough tasks and you get promoted and move up another level of your vast, impersonal office block. The puzzles on offer here are quite varied and certainly challenging, being logic-based ones which require some careful consideration in order to succeed. Although they use the concepts of programming, the way the mechanics are introduced is intuitive and accessible. Surprisingly enough for a puzzle game, there's also a quite cool storyline to follow, with some very quirky characters to meet which are brought to life vividly through the game's stylish visuals. There's a great sense of learning and evolution to the game too, and you really feel like you're taking on board new skills and ideas as you progress through the various puzzles. The graphics are stylish and original, with some great character designs that really bring this familiar but strange world to life. The puzzles themselves are clever, varied and inventive, and should test even veterans of Bolo Adventure and The Incredible Machine. The game's only real fault is its lack of levels, but apart from this, this is a fine puzzler.