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Humans Must Answer (pc game)
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  • Horizontal shooting
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It's shooting with chickens

If you have fond memories of side scrolling shooters like G-Darius, Gradius or even the classic R-Type, then you might be well tempted to take a closer look at this modern take on the genre. However, while it's not a bad game, it suffers from a lack of focus which takes away from the expected thrills and which makes it average at best. There's a bit of a bizarre setup to the game, with a bonkers plot involving intelligent and rather dangerous chickens making their way across the universe and who are determined to wipe out humanity along the way. It's all pretty silly stuff but at least it makes a change from the usual overly serious stories one finds in such games and it's actually reasonably entertaining. Most of the gameplay is your typical side scrolling shooter, where you gear up your ship and then blast the living daylights out of whatever stands in your way. There's the usual mix of upgrades and bosses to take on, but while this sounds like it could have been an enjoyable if unoriginal addition to the genre, a few issues get in the way. On the plus side, the game features some nice low budget visuals which give it a good sense of personality, and which is aided by the crazy storyline. The shooting elements themselves are well enough done, but there are some pretty ropy puzzle elements which are also introduced, along with a few mystifying gameplay mechanics which just get in the way of the action. There's also far too much time spent in the shop, while levels are short and require some tedious backtracking. All in all, a far cry from a classic.