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Hello honey!

HuniePop sells itself as a mixture of dating sim, puzzle game and RPG but if you're expecting elements of The Sims, Klax and Zelda, you might be disappointed. It's basically a match 3 puzzler which brings in some minor elements of these other genres and then pours on copious amounts of light Japanese anime porn for good measure. It's not a game which takes itself too seriously so if you're not easily offended and just want a good time, this should deliver the goods. The game is presented in visual novel style, similar to Do You Like Horny Bunnies?, with the player in control of a lonely loser who meets a girl in a club and ends up becoming her pet project. What follows is basically a match 3 game, which also incorporates dating aspects, as you woo the various lovely ladies, while the RPG parts come in through the upgradeable stats, gifts and other items that are collectible. It's all very light hearted stuff, with some genuinely funny humor and writing that is surprisingly sharp and incisive, leading to plenty of memorable moments along the way. The puzzle aspect is where HuniePop succeeds the most, with the variety of items adding depth to the familiar gameplay, while the storyline and characters are also well implemented and amusing. Where the game is less successful is the dating part, which feels a little half-baked and gets repetitive but if you can ignore this then you're in for a good time. The visuals are quite lush with some nice designs for the girls, so overall this is a fun little game that is worth picking up.