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Hunt (pc game)
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Let's go hunting

Similar to the likes of the Cabela's and Deer Hunter games, Hunt is a mix of first-person shooter and wilderness survival experience which unfortunately doesn't really succeed in either element. It's just too tedious for shooter fans and not detailed enough for hunting fans so really it's a game which is best skipped by just about everyone. There's no real story here and instead you're simply cast into the role of a faceless hunter hanging out in his cabin in the woods. You've got a bunch of trophies to collect which requires you to venture out into the wilds to bag you some game but before you can do that, you have to venture through an FPS-style level to collect a flagstaff. Of course, blocking your way is a bunch of vicious animals which need taking out with your crossbow, shotgun, rifle, or bow. Once you've picked up the flagstaff, the pace slows a little and now it's time to go hunting properly. Here, you can stalk your prey at your own pace, laying bait and hiding out before lining up the perfect shot to bag your trophy. Hunt really is a pretty ropy attempt a creating a hunting experience. This sort of game isn't for mass audiences anyway but this one is particularly narrow in its focus, although it doesn't really succeed at anything very much. The FPS portion is simply too crude and unexciting for shooter fans while the hunting section is equally tedious and lacking in anything resembling fun. There's not enough options or depth for hunting fans either so where you add in the below par visuals, you're left with a bit of a turkey.