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Hyperspace Delivery Boy! (pc game)
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Top down action adventure; pays homage to Commander Keen

Almost an RPG, the top down variety but not quite, almost an action game, again, not quite, also a puzzle heavy game, though that's not its territory entirely. Nope, what Hyperspace Delivery Boy! does is create a topdown experience that seems to want to emulate Commander Keep titles, and transpose them into the top down perspective. And, thus, a game that has action, adventure, as well as a pretty diverse roaster of puzzles is what is offered. Graphically the game seems to have taken the tile sets of some of the CK game and transposed them into the top down perspective, thus creating a very particular futuristic/space ship interior look for most of the game's interiors. Likewise, the game's baddies also share some of the characteristics of the sidescrolling CK games, which means that they won't be too hard to overcome, but they do have strength in numbers. So, yeah Hyperspace Delivery Boy! is the kind of game reimagining a seminal DOS era sidescroller series, being faithful to that very same list of qualities and values. Top down action game aficionados will love it, as will those that love puzzle/action/adventure hybrids.