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Il giardino incantato (pc game)
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(The magic garden) Italian text based adventure game

Well, this game sure has an interesting premise. Your garden proves to be inhabited by a breed of small but intelligent creatures, creatures which are in need of your help. Thus, your only viable option (unless you want to end the game) is to go and help them In a way, this is a kind of interactive fiction with elements of Alice in Wonderland as well as other high fantasy fiction tropes. Gameplay wise, you will have to solve puzzles at times, which include both direction finding ones (use graph paper!0 as well as item based puzzles. But most of all, the game is about choice. You will be tasked with choosing what path to take from time to time, which, on one hand makes the game more interesting for replays, while it also keeps you choosing between markedly right and wrong (or rather good and evil ) choices. So, the story (told in Italian, by the way) as well as the simple structural design of the story and the options afforded to you within it, make this a great game to play with your children, if, say, you want to teach them what a graphical adventure was like. Otherwise, Il giardino incantato is neither too original nor too interesting per se, though by no means, not a bad text adventure. In the same vein, you might want to try The Original Adventure or Dungeon great text adventure games with a fantasy core to them.