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Insects are cool

Incredipede could have been an interesting modern take on the classic Centipede style of insect-based puzzle action, and while it's fairly enjoyable for a little while, its appeal soon wears off and you're left with little to remember it by. Players take control of Quozzle, the titular beastie, whose village is visited one day by men on ships. Unfortunately, they kidnap Quozzle's sisters and burn the village down, leaving only Quozzle behind. She escapes to the hills and must now set off on an epic quest to get her sisters back. This involves venturing to a far off village where they are rumored to be held. What follows is a fairly clever puzzler where you must maneuver Quozzle to each level's exit. However, what makes this interesting is the way that Quozzle consists of various body parts and that each level introduces new ones to bring in new challenges. For example, you might have to attach muscles to legs in order to get them to work and the difficulty comes from figuring out how best to manipulate the parts in order to progress through the game. The levels themselves are a mix of side and vertically scrolling environments that are filled with hazards, so coming up with effective means of traversing them is the key to success. However, while Incredipede is certainly original, in this case it doesn't seem quite enough to warrant a thorough investigation. The game is certainly fun to start with, with a nice visual style and some intriguing challenges, but it soon becomes a little awkward and irritating and you're likely to turn off soon after starting.