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Incubation: Time is Running Out (pc game)
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Meet the terror incubator

Incubation: Time is Running Out is a 1997 futuristic real-time strategy game where you play as the commander of a space marines team, annihilating the enemy attacks and taking care of the remaining colonists in your planet. The enemies are savage monsters that were transformed this way by a dangerous virus. This game makes itself remarkable due to the interesting story, the excellent graphics engine, due to its genre that reached a new level. The futuristic architecture, design and panoramas will guide your way to victory, through bloody and kind of difficult battles. Some sober aspects in the environment will increase your burden and your impatience related to the war. The enemies are unpredictable, so the missions, and the suspense is present at every step. The control system is extremely ingenious, sure and complex. In case you want an efficient strategy when facing and destroying your enemies units, yo have to adopt the best placement. So, your soldiers location is very important. Throughout the game, you can upgrade your units army, costumes, and other elements. Of course, nothing is for free. And because the game isn't focused on a single aspect, the action allows you to collect various useful items such as ammo or medipacks. If you want a great and also horrifying RTS adventure full of challenging missions, this is the game that will feed your lust!