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Infestation (pc game)
4.86 out of 5 (7 votes)
  • In the game
  • Exploring the itnerface
  • Flying around
  • Back on the planet
  • Blasting bugs
  • Where is everyone?
  • They're all around us!
  • Check out the building
  • What's a scratch pad?
  • Help screen
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • The Language
  • Options game
  • Quarter's master key
  • The airswooping on
  • Infestation pc game
  • Shoot them
  • You have been poisoned
  • Analyze
  • Avionics
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Action and simulation game with great 3D graphics

It is an innovative and unique 3D game which is based on action and exploration which have been mixed well for an exciting gameplay. The developer has made the graphics of this game well ahead of those times and has given futuristic gameplay to it. The game is basically about aliens and the mission that you have to perform is to use all the objects, strategies and weapons to exterminate them and to protect a planet which they have infested. If you fail, they will make you their breakfast in quick time. A real time gameplay has been featured in this one which is very competitive and swift. The game has been highly underrated or ignored which may be due to the fact that people are unaware of the versatility it gives in terms of options and spectacular 3D graphics. The designing of all the level has been done with quite caution and diligence and the 3D weapons are really revolutionary and based on realistic ideas. The most dominant thing which I saw in this game is its clear graphics and action games with real good graphics are always in search by action game lovers. So to put it all together, you have a very good option here. An alternate action game which I can recommend to you is Zone Raiders.