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Inherent Evil: The Haunted Hotel (pc game)
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  • There's something about this place
  • Nice couch!
  • Oh! It's just a toilet!
  • Nothing going on here
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I liked the horror and mystery in it

It is an adventure game based on horror and mystery and is quite fascinating for a good night time gaming. Starting with the plot, you will play as Kyle reed whose parents 20 years ago were killed in a hotel which they opened. Though he advised his brother not to re-open it but he went otherwise and is now missing. So your mission in the game is to unfold the mystery and find your brother. The suspicion is inside the hotel where you need to explore the basis and the top floor rooms which seems to be inhabited by some evil. You will also be accompanied by your wife and you will have to escape with her while unfolding the mystery. The game is played from the perspective of first person and the things to interact will give you hot spot icons and symbols. It's like the theme that we experienced in the game like All Alone but I must say that the horror element in it is far better. The level designs in the game are also good and have been segmented into 8 chapters with every chapter giving you something new to tackle. The graphics are very good as I see them and the interface is very interactive and easy.