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Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition (pc game)
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Punch this!

Comic book fans in search of some decent fighting action would be well advised to check out this Ultimate Edition of Gods Among Us. Although it doesn't quite live up to the mighty standards of the best of the Street Fighter series, it's a good bet for those who enjoy the recent Mortal Kombat games, with its similar playstyle. There's a pretty epic storyline here will be baffling if you're not into the various DC characters who show up here, but if you are, then this is going to be a blast, dragging as it does everyone from Batman to Aquaman, to Joker and Black Adam into its wildly improbable and over-the-top (but quite entertaining) plot. The game itself is a traditional one-on-one fighter, with a vast array of characters to choose from and a number of classic locations to battle in, from the Batcave, to Superman's Fortress of Solitude and the Justice League's Watchtower, and with many of them featuring interactive elements. You've got the usual array of combos and moves to try out and there's a lot of fun to be had with experimenting with them to find your favorites. Gods Among Us might not quite be top tier fighting game stuff, but it's certainly an entertaining ride. The story is a fun one, but the cutscenes do get a little lengthy at times, feeling longer than some of the actual bouts. The fighting controls are well implemented, making it easy enough to pull off combos but with a good level of challenge too. The edition includes some extra characters, more skins, some new missions and the soundtrack, so if you're interested, this is the one to go for.