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Reach for the stars

Although this takes its inspiration from the likes of strategy classics like Alpha Centauri and Starflight, it doesn't quite live up to the standards of these games and is only really worth a look if you are a diehard fan of the genre. The setup is familiar and finds you in control of a fleet of exploratory ships, roaming the galaxy, colonizing planets, exploring and building up resources. You'll face hostile aliens, have to manage your crew, make tough decisions regarding politics and trade deals, while following a main storyline that is not all that interesting, and which basically consists of a lot of fetch quests. The whole thing is presented in a fairly charming old-school manner, with the retro style visuals that are cartoony and colorful. Although this sounds like it could be quite a fun little addition to what is usually a very serious genre, there are a number of problems which prevent Interstellaria from living up to its full potential. In its favour, it does look rather nice if you like that retro look and there is certainly a lot of personality in the various planets and races that you'll encounter. However, the gameplay suffers from a number of serious problems. Although it's open-ended, there's a strong sense of the vague about the game and you'll quite often wonder what exactly you can do, which does get frustrating. There are also long sections where you don't seem to actually do anything other than watch, while the interface is also rather clumsy. All in all, not really worth spending your time on.