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Invest (pc game)
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  • The game begins
  • Choosing a company
  • Main menu
  • More options
  • In the factory
  • Player stats
  • Hiring a spy
  • Now we're in space
  • Einstein?
  • At the building site
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Stock exchamge simulation with realistic elements

It is a stock exchange simulation game which has some very good and realistic trade elements that will surely fascinate lovers of management games. The goal in the game is quite obvious and that is to make the most money. You can achieve the target by investing in a variety of different businesses and obviously in the stock exchange which is the basic investment platform in the game. The first good thing done in the game by the developer is that it supports 4 players play which means that you can race for money with your friends and can test each other in how good they are at understating business or investments. The UI with such games should be implemented with perfection and they have managed to do it quite well because the game really helps you in how to go about things and provides you with good amount of details about all the scenarios so that you can make the right and timely decisions. What I did not like in the game is that the stock exchange dynamics are quite simple and does not involve the actual complexities that are normally seen there. Games like Black Monday and this one are really loved by veteran gamers of this genre.