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Invisible Inc: Contingency Plan (pc game)
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I'm the invisible man

The original Invisible Inc. is a clever and enjoyable bit of turn-based strategy, similar to the likes of Laser Squad and X-Com, which is well worth picking up. And if you want to play Contingency Plan, you're going to have to, as it's an expansion pack which requires the base game, but if you are a fan, this is just as worthy of adding to your collection. The base gameplay remains similar to the original and sees you sending a variety of covert agents into various dangerous situations, and attempting to infiltrate and destroy or steal high value targets and information. It all plays out in turn-based fashion, with a focus on stealth, and with the usual array of customization and upgrade options. This add-on pack brings you some new starting agents, more enemy units with new abilities, some additional narrative-based missions which add some complication to the main narrative, and some additional side objectives which add an interesting risk/reward element to proceedings. As far as expansion packs go, this is actually a pretty solid one. There's not a huge amount of content here, but given the low price point, it's fair and certainly worth the money if you enjoy the original. The gameplay remains as enjoyable and engaging ass usual, with the new agents and enemies adding plenty of appeal with their new abilities and the challenge that they bring. The visuals are as stylish and slick as ever, with some cool minimalist design work, with sound to match, so when you add it all together, this is a good example of how an expansion pack should be done.