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Invisible Inc. (pc game)
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I'm the invisible man

Invisible Inc. takes ideas from titles as diverse as XCOM and Laser Squad, and hails from the studio behind Don't Starve and Mark of the Ninja, so this should give you some idea of what to expect. It's not a classic game however, as while the core elements of the game are sound, it gets a little too repetitive too soon. You're in charge of a bunch of top secret agents who must infiltrate various dodgy corporations in order to shut them down or generally sort them out. You have ten agents available initially and get to use them and their extensive array of equipment in a series of isometric turn-based missions which require skill, subtle and sometimes force to get through. The levels are all randomly generated, as are loot, enemies and so on, which adds to the replay value, while the missions can be tackled in whatever fashion you see fit and which see you travelling around the world to a variety of exotic locations in what is quite an interesting storyline. Invisible Inc. gets a lot of things right, but unfortunately not quite enough to make it a must play. Visually, it's very striking, with a nice distinctive style which is slick and well done. The environments and characters are well done and full of personality, while the extensive voice acting is equally impressive. The gameplay starts out well enough, with some interesting missions but as you play, a few issues rear their heads. The perspective renders pathfinding a little tricky at times, while the missions are quite samey and don't stand up to repeat play. This is a shame, as there's a good game hiding in here.