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IREM Arcade Hits (pc game)
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Gotta collect 'em all!

While there might be a few duds here, this is a pretty impressive collection of classic Irem arcade games which makes for a nice nostalgia trip. There's a good mix of games here, from shooters to platformers and run 'n' gun actioners so you're sure to find something to suit your tastes and if you're in the mood for some old-school action, this offers a lot of fun. Most of the titles here aren't super famous but you do have the likes of R-Type Leo, the fourth game in the R-Type series and which continues in the same vein as its predecessors, offering hard-as-nails horizontal shooting action. For beat 'em up fans, you have Vigilante and Undercover Cops, both of which are pretty neat when you just want to bash bad guys. Gunforce and Gunforce 2 offer some cool Metal Slug-style platform shooting, with some lovely retro visuals, while Legend of Hero Tonma is a charming cartoon-style platform adventure which is a lot of fun. Dragon Breed is another vertical shooter, this time starring a cool dragon while other titles include In the Hunt and Hammerin' Harry. There's no denying that this pack offers a lot of variety and if you're into old-school arcade games, it's a must play. Some of the games here are showing their age or lack originality but most of them have that great one-more-go quality that is perfect for some pick up and play entertainment. R-Type is perhaps the standout game here but Gunforce 2 is a cracker as is Hammerin' Harry and Hero Tonma. All in all, this is solid collection with as many crackers as duds.