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Iron and Blood - Warriors of Ravenloft (pc game)
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  • Game box art
  • Have a taste of my blades!
  • Let's see what you're made of
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Frantic arcade action

It a typical arcade style fighting game which is based on the characters from the Ravenloft dungeons settings. The character that you have in the game will play different characters and will be doing all the frantic action in real time. Before I give you any of the traits, the most notable thing in the game was that it gave a multi-player mode which allows two players to play the game at a single time and this feature was something that was not common at that time. The action in the game is supported by some very good animations and the graphics to carry forward the theme are also good. The level designs are far from ordinary and have their distinct and unique elements. Apart from doing the conventional action stuff, you will also need to gather artifacts which will improve your rank in the game and will make you survive the onslaught of enemies which are quite tough. The multi-player option in the game is in the campaign mode which is the most exciting mode to play in the game. The controls were also great and enjoyed the whole action thoroughly. The UI was not that good but still it is a great fun ride.