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Jack Keane 2: The Fire Within (pc game)
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Jack's back

The original Jack Keane was a decent take on the classic Monkey Island style of point-and-click adventures which, although its hero lacked the charisma of Guybrush Threepwood, provided some fun thrills. This sequel continues in the same vein and once again gives players a pleasantly relaxed bit of adventuring. This one finds our hero Jack in Shanghai in 1899, once again on the trail of mysterious treasure, while accompanied by the lovely Amanda. Their problems start when they find the guardian of the treasure is in prison, so their first task is to break him out but things get even trickier from here and this is just the start of a fabulous and dangerous quest. In gameplay terms, what we have here is a very traditional point-and-click adventure, which doesn't really deviate from any of the genre conventions. It's mostly a case of exploring various environments, chatting with NPCs and looking for items to solve the numerous inventory-based puzzles which bar your progress. The control system is as simple as they come, using the mouse for everything, and which makes the game very accessible. While The Fire Within might not be very original, it's certainly a pretty enjoyable romp. It doesn't take itself too seriously, with a nicely relaxed plot and script that are generally quite witty, while the visuals are suitably attractive, with some lush animation and well drawn scenery to admire. The puzzles aren't classics but they're fun enough so overall, this is a pretty solid piece of point-and-click fun.