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Back in the action

The Jagged Alliance series just keeps on coming back for more, which shows just how popular the franchise is with turn-based strategy fans. The series a mostly decent one which offers a lot of interest for followers of things like Laser Squad and XCom and this one is an addon for the reboot that is Back in Action. It follows pretty much the usual template laid down by earlier titles and does things well enough to make it worth a look, although it lacks the magic of the first games. This one continues from Back in Action and finds our merc heroes once again called in to save the inhabitants of a country which is currently under threat from a religious sect. It's your job to step up and complete a series of deadly missions which will turn the tide in favor of order and justice. The actual gameplay will be familiar to anyone who's played Back in Action, with the new real-time elements standing alongside the classic turn-based gameplay while new additions here include more mercs, weapons, and maps, alongside enhanced AI for the bad guys and a few other tweaks. Crossfire certainly doesn't do anything new with the franchise but if you do enjoy that classic gameplay then there's a decent amount of content on offer here. The new maps, mercs, and guns do bring some nice new elements to play around with, with the maps in particular being very well designed and offering lots of tactical play. The visuals and interface are decent enough but there's something a little lacking about the whole thing, making it one for fans only.