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Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games (pc game)
4.27 out of 5 (11 votes)
  • Introduction sequence
  • Main menu
  • Meet your boss: Gus
  • Hiring your team: this Glen looks good!
  • Team hired!
  • Protect the base now
  • Go looking for the intruders
  • You found one!
  • Got another one!
  • Shooting the intruders
  • Some search on the opposite side
  • It's you or them now!
  • You can choose weapons and items to bring
  • Thank my lucky stars
  • 3 against 1, should be a piece of cake!
  • Shooting the last one
  • Successfull
  • A snapshot extracted from game introduction video.
  • Courtesy of Monkey Games.
  • Image extracted from youtube video.
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Jagged Alliance reloaded!

Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games continues the mercenary based top down strategy exploits of the original Jagged Alliance, and in the process manages to create a more beautiful experience, with loads better graphics, and with loads better and more enthralling missions. But at the same time, Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games is great in that it manages to produce beautiful results in terms of the manner in which it manages to keep itself above in the tactics game. In a way, Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games, as the original was more of a tactics kind of game, but the tactical exploits are by no way simple; you have to use cover, you have to use sheer power and to use every member of your squad as well as you can. It takes a bit of time to master it, but it's a fun game, truly remarkable, and genuinely enticing. Also, giving the sheer number of options available in tackling each mission, it's a game that lets you slide your own personality in it, and rarely narrows down the number of ways in which you can manage a mission to completion.

Tactical strategy with rude characters

Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games is a RPG strategy game in which you create your personal story. You take control of some mercenaries that have to solve various objectives. This game is almost similar to its prequel, Jagged Alliance, and you are given a map, where combats take place in a turn-based gameplay. The scenarios are influenced by the way you progress in the game. The voice acting deserves to be appreciated, and speaking about the actors, the game focuses on your characters from your team . Also, your tactics are one of the most important elements adopted in this game. The mercenaries in your team have their own stories, their own past, personality and skills. You have to be cautious when you pick your team, as some of the characters are unsympathetic, shouting at you if they are given inconvenient tasks to solve. Well, that it's just rude! I expected to hear some music, but unfortunately, it isn't that present, just some background stuff. Unlike the original Jagged Alliance, this second game comes with new features like new weapons, new missions, campaign editors (which give you the possibility to make the story as you want to) and also with a multiplayer mode that is worth playing with your friends. Test your potential for achieving victories by playing Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games!