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James Bond 007 in Quantum of Solace (pc game)
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  • First person action
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Bond is back

One of the more recent efforts starring legendary movie hero, James Bond, Quantum of Solace follows in the footsteps of titles like License to Kill, 007 A View to a Kill and of course the famous (but rather poorly aged, Goldeneye). This one takes the form of a first person shooter, is loosely based on the Daniel Craig movie, and provides some solid, if uninspiring, blasting thrills. Most of what is on offer here is fairly standard fare, as you venture through a series of mostly linear environments, based on the key scenes from the film, taking out the bad guys as you go. There's a pretty decent selection of weapons to choose from, as well as exploding elements in the environment, and even a bit of stealth just to mix things up. There is of course the expected multiplayer mode, but don't expect to be able to find many players in the lobby, given the game's age, which is unfortunate as it was probably the best part of the experience. Quantum of Solace does a pretty good job of bringing Bond to the small screen but is unfortunately a bit too straightforward for its own good. There's nothing particularly wrong with it generally speaking, it just doesn't do anything to really capture your imagination. The visuals are pretty good, with some suitably large-scale sets to venture around and which are nicely detailed. The gameplay too is certainly sound enough, with plenty of exciting set-pieces to work your way through but ultimately, there's just a little something lacking here, much like the movie on which it is based.