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Jazzpunk (pc game)
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Get down, you groovy Martini

Although Jazzpunk isn't really much of a game in the traditional sense, it remains a supremely enjoyable experience that is worth the investment of your time and money, especially if you appreciate original experiences. It's more of a comedy show than anything else, but if compared to other games, perhaps The Stanley Parable or Gone Home would be the best points of reference, given the way it uses story telling in place of traditional gameplay. The game is set in an alternate Cold War world, where corporate espionage and sentient Martinis are rampant, and with much of what follows taking its inspiration from spy flicks of the 60s, but with a more bonkers outlook. The gameplay for the most part focuses on exploration, and with the exception of a few mini-games, you'll wander about, taking in the sights and sounds, and enjoying the well written comedy moments which litter the world. The mini-games are pretty simple and are really just variations on collecting things or whacking them with an amusing object, but provide a welcome diversion from the exploration. Jazzpunk really is an unusual experience. It's not going to be for everyone, and if you want real interactivity, then you're best off looking elsewhere. However, if you enjoy minimalist games and are looking for a truly funny game, then this is for you. The humor is well done, and helps push the story along, which is also quite compelling. The visuals are unusual too, stylish and original, and while the game is only going to last a few hours, it will stick with you long afterwards.