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Jetfighter (pc game)
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  • Jetfighter pc game
  • The enemy is in front
  • Target enemy
  • My mission is to kill planes
  • Fly to left
  • Follow to get over water
  • Mission tactics tracking
  • Free in front
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Fight your heart out, loved it

As the name suggests, the game involves air battle missions but this time they have added a lot more elements other than just dogfights. Not only you will engage in dogfights with the enemy planes, but will also counter the enemy missiles, and will bomb their ground bases and tanks. The game gives you aircrafts like F 16, F/A 18, F14 which have been modelled with a lot of details in which many details are quite realistic. The flights dynamics in the game are very good because they are not vague and do not allow you to master everything easily. The A1 has been designed in manner so that a degree of toughness is maintained in the gameplay. However with practice and through the tutorial mode, you can master the controls that will help you in your dogfights. Some of the features of the games and the missions can also be customized and this allows you to add a bit of your own flavor. The controls are very responsive but tough to master. The user interface in the game is alluring yet simple. The music is also good and the diversity of missions is great. It is very much similar in gameplay to Gunship 2000.