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Jetpack X-mas edition (pc game)
4 out of 5 (4 votes)
  • It's Christmas over here, too!
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Holiday-style fun

The original Jetpack (not to be confused with the equally superb Jetpac from Ultimate) is a classic slice of arcade-style thrills that makes for a cracking good time. As you might expect from the title, this is an update in the same vein as Xmas Lemmings and the like which adds in some Christmas-inspired malarkey for good measure. The basic concept of the game remains the same but the addition of the cheery holiday-themed visuals makes this a great one to pick up at the end of the year. The concept is pretty simple and requires players to explore a series of levels, with the goal of collecting items. You're equipped with the titular jetpack as well as a sort of laser gun. However, the gun isn't for taking out enemies and is instead used to cut through materials in order to open up levels for further exploration. Your jetpack uses up fuel, so you have to be careful in its use, while ladders and teleporters are also available to help you progress. In this version, you actually play as Father Christmas himself, with the original's gems replaced by gifts and with the levels all featuring jolly visuals and vaguely appropriate enemies. There's also a level editor so you can design your own levels as well as a multiplayer option. The basic gameplay here remains pretty fun, albeit fairly straightforward, and as far as arcade-style experiences go, this is fun stuff, with a similar appeal to Lode Runner and Boulderdash. However, slightly curiously, the game doesn't seem all that Christmassy in reality so if that's your big reason for picking it up, you might be disappointed. Otherwise though, this is an entertaining little romp.