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Jim Henson's Muppet Adventure No. 1: Chaos at the Carnival (pc game)
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  • What kind of a carnival is this?
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  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Dull mini-game collection

The Muppets have seemingly been entertaining kids for decades now and show no sign of letting up in their popularity. Unsurprisingly, they have made the leap into videogames on a fairly frequent basis and Chaos in the Carnival marks their first effort which makes it an interesting choice for fans. Unfortunately however, for everyone else, and even for fans to be honest, what's on offer here is largely lacking in anything of interest and unless you truly are a die hard Muppet follower, you can easily skip the chaos and find something else to entertain you. The game itself is actually a collection of mini-games, six in total, and are all based around the fact that Miss Piggy has been pignapped, with Kermit and chums coming together to save her from the sinister Dr Grump. As the title suggests, this involves venturing into the Doctor's twisted carnival and braving the various rides before going head-to-head with the terrifying Grumpasaurus. The mini-games involve the likes of avoiding objects in the Tunnel of Love, throwing tomatoes at ducks, landing a spaceship in the Space Ride, racing bumper cars and escaping the Funhouse while avoiding guard dogs. It's all pretty simplistic stuff, as you'd expect given the target audience, but to be honest it's hard to imagine anyone except very undemanding youngsters enjoying what's on display here. The graphics are pretty ropey, lacking in any of the charm that the TV stars usually possess on screen but the biggest problem is simply that the games are almost entirely missing anything approaching entertainment value. If you really have to play a Muppet game, then check out Muppet Treasure Island, based on the superb movie.