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Jutland (2008) (pc game)
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Wargame focused on U Boat tactics

Jutland is an oldie that tried its hand at a very interesting type of gameplay recipe: wargaming but mainly focused on U boats. Thus, it kind of set itself into a niche that wasn't very big, but nevertheless, expected a certain type of concoction. Now, while this early game could do away with lesser graphics, that was remedied in this 2008 remake, as the game is now based on the more realistic and accurate third generation graphics and physics engine produced by Storm Eagle Studios. The team behind the game took a serious look at the game in terms of its ballistics simulation and also it produced lots of accurate WWI themed scenarios, for you to get lost in. Jutland is thus the kind of underdog that really can surprise you with lots of content as well as with its graphical presentation, to a point being one of the better hybrid wargames out there to tackle wargaming. I mean, just to give you an example, you will be able to see an enemy ship that is 36 kilometers away from you, a feat that not even games in 2013 is capable of doing! So, trust me, give this a go, it's the kind of game that may be off the radar but when you get into it you will find out that it was worth it all along. Only Silent Hunter II or later could be said to rival with it and that's sure saying a lot.