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Kamui (pc game)
5 out of 5 (3 votes)
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Start the mission
  • Kamui pc game
  • Fire at will
  • Thunder
  • Two lives left
  • Score
  • War ships
  • Many explosions
  • Destroy enemy ship
  • Power up
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Very intense vertical shooter, well looking but low resolution

Kamui is quite a surprisingly well done vertical shooter. Its graphical style references a lot of Japanese elements; however, mainly, it is a steam punk married with the classical feel and look of metal based steam punk. The game is also pretty hardcore, though, certainly, it offers you time to get accommodated. Plus, controls wise it's a very basic game. Except for the directional controls, you only have two other buttons for the shooting, one for your regular weapons, the other for special weapon attacks. Quite a few upgrades are available as well, and later on they become crucial, as the enemy count will otherwise be too unforgivable. One issue, though, regarding the graphics, which otherwise are so well done and interesting, is that the resolution of the game is weirdly small; and, given the texture of the backgrounds, I'm pretty sere the original images were higher resolution. So, why the game is so low quality I couldn't say, but, nonetheless, it's alright, because it works fine, all things considered. Anyway, if you like Tyrian types, you'll love this one too.