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Kangaroo (pc game)
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An arcade maze game without the mazes...

What could have added to the rush to get to the exit, that is the gameplay trick of this top down platformer is a set of mazes to crawl out of. But that did not happen. No, what happened was that Kangaroo is an unfinished top down game in which you control a kangaroo. This little kangaroo starts each level in the upper left corner and he must make his way to the exit. He has to avoid enemies, but that is not too hard, and that's about it. So, I think, and I'm pretty sure that is what you will think too, that the game is just unfinished. Graphically it's the bare minimum that could have been used to make a game. The game uses a monochrome color scheme, with orange for the character and the black for the backgrounds. All in all, it is a little too unconvincing, even for such a simple recipe. No, if you genuinely want to play a game where you control a character in a top down space, simple and very arcade style, download Pac Man. At least that one has all the makings of a puzzle, sufficient to be a finished game, per se.