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Kawasaki Fantasy Motocross (pc game)
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125, 250 and 500 Kawasaki motorcycle racing!

Pick your category, do a few war-up rounds and then you're in business! This is a very polished, modern, really exciting motorcycle racing game, that is dedicated (almost) exclusively to the lineup of Kawasaki motorcycles. But the number of actual models included is large enough so that you won't actually get to feel bored. You can race the starter 125CC bikes, which are great in terms of power ration to maneuverability, even if they don't accelerate as immediately as the 250. Now, with the 250CC, you really need to start applying the breaks with more caution, as the bike really is snappy and can easily get out of control. And, when you really think you've got it, the 500CC bikes are the realm of the pros, with lightning speed acceleration and speed and maneuverability that will take you through your paces. Thus, Kawasaki Fantasy is a great racing game, with a large array of bikes and only 7 tracks. But these 7 tracks will definitely put you through your paces. Graphically, Kawasaki Fantasy looks great, a true 3D game, delivered with crisp precision. Plus, it controls immediately, so when you take a tumble, you know it's actually your fault, not the game's! Similarly well crafted is Moto Racer 3, for when you feel like racing the dirt track with speed and less grace!