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Kerbal Space Program (pc game)
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Boldly go where no one has gone before

Many gamers dream of going into space and with Kerbal Space Program they actually get probably the closest they're ever going to get. It's a kind of space simulator where you get to construct your own starfaring vessels and for its toybox nature, it's well worth checking out. You basically get given a large set of construction parts, such as rockets and so, and then put them all together to make rockets and space planes. Once you've finished constructing your masterpiece, you get to launch it into space from a fictionalized version of Earth, which is populated by things called Kerbals. If your ship actually makes it successfully off the planet and out into the big black yonder, you can then embark upon other endeavors. These include the likes of constructing space stations or other ships which can then be used to further explore the galaxy. There is a pretty realistic physics system at play here, so when you're starting out, you might find things a little tricky, as you have to get to grips with how things like gravity affect your designs. However, stick with it, and it all clicks into place and which is where the fun starts. There are several modes to experiment with, including a career option where you earn money by completing missions and researching new technology. The sandbox mode literally just lets you play around to your heart's content, trying out new designs and seeing how they work. There's also a science mode where you can explore without worrying about money. On the whole, this is an enjoyable excursion into space travel. There's plenty of options to play around with and it's simply fun to experiment. Get past the steep learning curve, and you should have a good time. Try it!