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Killing Cloud (pc game)
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  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Artwork and animation
  • San Francisco
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  • Station House
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  • Killing Cloud pc game
  • Out of cannon ammo
  • North beach
  • Coit tower
  • Financial district
  • No weapon armed
  • Courtesy of Abandonware France.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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San Francisco and Agent... Orange!

I think the developers of this game had a bit of a political agenda in their minds when they set out to make this game. However, they didn't really go 100 percent into the direction of making a socio-political statement, nope, they were more about trying to make a game that would be commercial, and, partly they did that. In this game you will play as a member of San Fran police, chasing after the infamous Black Angel. Some portions of the game are about action, some others are plain old adventure while a few are strategic, or rather, tactical, as they ask of you to think survival style. You see, the smog filled city can only be survived about 20 minutes when you are outside, unprotected, so these areas need to be carefully timed. All in all the game has nice stages, a similar build with Police Quest but this oppressive/heavy atmosphere. plus 3D, first person and so mysterious! I loved the first few stages, but, after a while the game becomes derivative. Not bad, just you know, the same kind of thing. Could have been better for sure, but as it is, it is palatable. Give it a try if you like police investigative and survival style adventures/tactical gaming. Oh, and the game has the most beautiful eerie 3D graphics you'll ever see, all shades or red, orange, lots of blocky designs, really, really atmospheric.