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King Arthur's Gold (pc game)
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  • Old style graphics
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All out chaos

This cracking little game is most definitely worth a look if you're just after a great time. It's a sort of resource management game mixed with tower defense plus a whole lot more, and is basically a riot from start to finish. It takes elements of co-operative gameplay from The Lost Vikings, the full-on destructiveness of Worms and dresses the whole thing up in the visual style of Metal Slug and results in a classic experience. It's a side scrolling action game where you build up your defenses any way you like, then engage in PvP battles where you simply seek to wipe out your enemies any way you want. You've got everything from sword duels on castles to launching massive siege assaults to engage in, and where you must use the environment to help you out. There are plenty of modes to try out, including single player, co-op and multi-player, but co-op or multi are definitely the way to go. You can also take advantage of community mods to add in even more levels to enjoy and which just adds to the appeal. King Arthur's Gold really is a superb experience. It's a little tricky getting your head around some of the mechanics to start with, but once it all clicks, the fun never stops. It's all a bit chaotic but it never gets to the point where you feel there's no strategy required and instead it just turns out to be a complete blast. The visuals are lovely in a simple but bold pixel-style approach, while the gameplay itself is varied and never less than entertaining. It's the kind of game you could be playing for years, so prepared to lose a lot of time if you pick it up. It's worth it though!