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King of Dragon Pass (pc game)
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a simple RPG

It is an RPG and turn based strategy game which involves management and role playing elements. The plot is set in the fantasy world like the world of Vikings. The plot here is that you will use your clans to run smooth operations in the kingdom but it is quite challenging because you will have to do a lot of things and consider a lot of aspects. The turn based game is very challenging in the sense that every scenario is linked with the other scenario and your decisions will give rise to different events and situations. As they are linked together, you will need to be very wise in your decisions. You can take advice from tribal leaders but they are normally biased. You will also send your clans to different sections of the world for doing research on certain things. The puzzles solving elements in the game are quite logical and it is rich in terms of the depth of events. The graphics in the game are simply adorable and the gameplay elements are unique. The A1 is well balanced and the controls are good. The user interface is also very supportive and interactive. Galatea is the other game which I will suggest you here because it has a good adventure theme and fine role play elements.