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Kingdom O' Magic (pc game)
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Little known comedic fantasy gem

If you like your games laced with sly humour and are a fan of adventures like Monkey Island, Discworld or even Zork, then this little known fantasy gem is well worth digging out. It's very much a spoof on the genre but manages to be affectionately mocking with its jokes, while the adventure portion of the game is also a pretty decent offering, with some good puzzles and visuals. There's an array of quests on display here, all of which offer nice twists on the usual fantasy clichés, like finding the dragon's treasure and rescuing the damsel in distress, but it's the characters and situations that provide the most entertainment, with some colourful individuals who are clearly there to poke fun at the stereotypes we usually see in things like this. Alongside the red latex-clad Shah-ron, who looks like an over exaggerated Lara Croft, you have the likes of human eating gingerbread men, an Elvis impersonator and some clever and inventive riffs on orcs, wizards, wraiths and even some real-world personalities and it is this range of characters and their witty dialogue which provides much of the appeal. Fortunately though, there's more to the game than just the script and the interface, graphics and puzzles are all well done and designed, making the game accessible, visually appealing and challenging in equal measure. There's also a lot of replay value as you can go back and complete the three quests with the two main characters so really, if you're on the lookout for your next fantasy quest and fancy a giggle while you're doing it, you can't go wrong with this.