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Kingdom (pc game)
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Nice looks, shame about the gameplay

Kingdom might be beautiful in an old-school way, but underneath its attractive exterior lies a shallow and ultimately unrewarding experience that is easily skipped in favor of better things. It's got an interesting strategy concept, but fails to add much that is significant and it gets pretty dull quickly, with little more than its lush visuals to admire. The game is basically a strategy/management sim, where you must ride through the fantasy-style land in the role of either a king or queen, while tossing gold to your people in order to swing them over to your side. As night falls, nasty creatures venture forth from the woods to steal your money and your resources, but if you've got enough support, then you might just make it through, so don't be stingy with the gold. Once you've given over the gold, your job is pretty much done, and everything else is in the hands of the villagers, but unfortunately, trusting them to get things done is a bit of a mistake and they're not great at doing even the simplest of actions. This is just one of the main issues with Kingdom, and there are more which prevent it from being much fun. Your horse gets tired very easily, so the game's pace drops significantly when it needs to recover, and which makes exploring a chore. There's also a lack of flexibility in assigning jobs and other elements, which takes away from your options and the overall depth, and once you get over the basic mechanics, there really isn't much for the player to actually do. It's a shame really, as there's a good concept here, plus the lovely visuals, but at the end of the day, this is just too limited. Stick with The Settlers.