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Knights of Pen and Paper (pc game)
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Knights to the rescue!

If old-school RPGs like Zelda and Final Fantasy are your bag, then this clever and inventive little romp should be right at the top of your shopping list. It takes the classic mechanics of the genre and mixes it with a witty story that also pokes gleeful fun at the stereotypes of the RPG world to make a hugely enjoyable adventure. The game features a nice little meta-story, with the player taking the role of one of a set of RPG players who find themselves embarking on the usual sort of adventure. You can choose from the pizza guy, the annoying little brother and other such roles, and then you move onto the adventure proper, which finds you exploring a large world in order to save it from the evil that threatens it. What follows sticks mostly to the established conventions of the genre, with a large world to roam around, quests to pick up, items to find, levelling up and so on, but also adds in a few nice touches like scoffing pizza to make it feel like a real RPG session in your mother's basement. Knights of Pen and Paper is certainly not the deepest of RPGs out there and bears no real comparison to things like Baldur's Gate, but for a fun-fill experience, it certainly ticks the boxes. It's a bit shallow, with some repetitive quests and simple combat, so it's probably best played in short bursts to maximise the fun. It's also not the most challenging of games but it scores a lot of points for its joyous story and lovely retro visuals, so if you want a game which doesn't take itself too seriously, this is a fine choice.